National Science Day 2024

Celebration of National Science Day 2024

Department of Physics and Chemistry, PDUAM, Behali in association with IQAC, PDUAM, Behali Celebrates National Science Day 2024 on 27th and 28th February in commemoration of the first Indian Nobel Laureate in the field of Science Sir C. V. Raman for his legacy, Who discovered Raman Effect on 28th February 1928. On the first day i.e 27th of February an outreach programme to Sibaram Boro High School was organized. The second day, 28th February, comprised of a series of popular lectures by Mr. Manajit Mahanta, Senior Software Engineer, Boston, USA, Dr. Paramananda Saikia, Senior Scientist and molecular biologist, Boston, USA and Dr. Bolin Chetia, Associate professor, Department of Chemistry, Dibrugarh University. This lectures were conducted in online mode and the speaker shed light on the topics “Artificial Intelligence”, “Current trends in Biotechnology” and “Supramolecular Chemistry” respectively. It was followed by a poster competition on the themes “Indigenous technology for Viksit Bharat” and “Science for a sustainable future”. The event started with commemorating Sir CV Raman through lighting of lamp and a welcome address by Principal PDUAM Behali Dr. Debojit Baruah.